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The Value Of An Apprenticeship

Apprenticing then and now

Apprenticing or working as an intern was a common occurrence in the past. It was usual for young boys or girls to work with a more experienced person and to learn the trade through this exposure and practice. Be it carpentry or medicine, apprenticeships were very common in the past. The young apprentices would follow their seniors around and watch them work and learn the trade. Vocational training institutes and universities were not accessible to everyone. Today, a larger number of people are able to access higher educational institutes. They are able to obtain multiple qualifications simultaneously. Thus, at a very young age, many are highly qualified in their respective fields.

The gap between the demand and supply

However, once these qualified youth have to enter the job market, there is often gap identified between the training they receive at their institutes of higher education and the demands of the job market. The institutes of higher education, provide sound training and education. However, this training is mostly only in relation to the theoretical and conceptual aspect of the particular field. For example, a young law student, would obtain a very thorough knowledge on the various cases, statutes and various principles all the different types of law. However, these young graduates lack the practical experience and knowledge that are indispensable in order to make them ready for the job market.

Obtain a working knowledge of the field

Thus, it is of paramount importance to make sure that the culture of apprenticeships is encouraged. It is only through this that a person can obtain a working knowledge of the subject. It is through apprenticeships that a young student would learn to apply the knowledge they have gained to real life students. Therefore, irrespective of whether they are a budding young lawyer, a promising doctor or a driven tax agent, they need this practical exposure.

Further, by working with a senior lawyer, doctor or tax accountant, they will have someone who can guide them, teach them and help them familiarize themselves with the field.

Make sure that you take the initiative

Therefore, it is very important that you apply for an apprenticeship or an internship while you follow your course of study. If you feel that you will not be able to handle a full time apprenticeship while also concentrating on your academics and extra-curricular activities, you can apply for an apprenticeship during your vacation. Or you can take a gap year off from your university and work for a company or for a more experienced person in your field. If there is a will there is a way. Thus, make sure that you make the effort and take the initiative to obtain this much needed practical training.